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Feb. 2023. Welfare for the poor to be denied anyone not poisoned in Lelu's Brazil. * year sentences for anyone not injected or presenting evidence of the death and disability injections cause.

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It's now April, and the usual suspects are practically trampling each other to get their fourth shot, and proudly posting it. Rinse, repeat. One comment even talked about the next one being available in the fall, including the phrase "whatever it takes". It's literally a sacrament for these people.

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It's truly staggering, and yes, a sacrament is an entirely apt comparison. My main source of optimism is that these people fundamentally have a herd mentality, doing whatever the group decrees, and while that's difficult to watch, my hope is that as soon as society reaches a tipping point of realizing what's going on, these folk will fall into line as quickly and as completely as they accepted the covid narrative. Thanks for commenting.

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