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Great article. Thank you. Highlights important aspects of our current dystopian existence while anticipating what is headed our way. I concur.

Two points i would like to add:

(1) The rot extends well into suburbia because the "healthcare" system poisoning our minds and bodies has reach across every strata and obviously the mind virus which we call MSM crosses all such divisions.

(2) I hate YT so much. If the article wasn't so good, I would not have shared it because of the attached video. While relevant and useful, I refuse (99.9%) to send them any traffic.

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Our Lord and Savior will float down the golden stairway again and take his rightful place upon the throne of the vanquished, bringing forth the greatest prophecy, burning a legacy of victorious triumphs, breathing life into the dead beast of burdens, shining power into us and we shall inherent the earth.


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