There is one primary driver for the cabal of these technocrats that resonates in the chest abscesses where at one time dwelt the human heart. All of these creatures are emphatically GODLESS. Without conscience, and perceive that the dreams and desires and the freedoms and especially the aspiration of individual human beings must be subjugated dismantled and replaced with the machinery of their destruction. Intoxicated with power and money ego driven demons and tyrants. While most despots are content to enslave the bodies of men these creatures want to destroy their souls.

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Oct 23, 2022Liked by Carson J. McAuley

The world would be a better place without him. The sooner, the better. Take the husband and Klaus, too.

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now this makes much more sense, why is this crazy vegan able to speak such vile tyrannical bullshit. also, his looks give him away. no wonder schwaab wanted him on wef team.

idk, its nuts what we have to live with, its like some of the movies and books I have read when I was younger are all bleeding into this reality hahaha... twilight zone type stuff

also, I think these rich eugenicist type idiots are liking the ideas of transhumanizm mostly because they think they will finally be 100% secure. these are people who scammed their way to power and money and are afraid to lose it. also they fear death. these two things make them invest into and push the trans agenda. which I think is mostly a projection from few imaginative people and is doomed from the start.

we see how they have large issues when conducting wars. and we were right, starlink turned out to be military technology. also its the first time that "private" owned system is openly used in a war. corporatization is the foundation of nwo.

in any case, if they dont manage to kill off all the people they plan on killing and somehow keep a functional society, or pockets of it, their plans can never come to fruition. and I really doubt these idiots are capable of being successful with their megalithic plans.

cheers for the fifth part Carson!

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